Angela Prive

Angela Prive

Chief Editor

Hello, my Name Is Angela Prive, and I’m the main editor on this portal. But it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters to me is living carefree in sunny Spain. I love Spain, and I have enough money to sunbathe there every day.


But a few years ago, I was just a regular Eastern European girl, without any cash in my pocket. I won’t tell you about my path to Spain. Just for short, I started my career as a cam model. Yeah, I show my body to lusty viewers. But do you know what? I love it, and it’s not a routine or anything of the sort.


I love to get fucked, but not with strangers, or for money. I’m not a prostitute. So as you know, I’m a cam performer. When I started my career, nobody knew about the right place where girls would be entirely safe and where guys would be delighted.


Most sites are full of regular scammers. And I'll tell you more! Most of them traded my contact data, which was horrible. So I changed many places before I found the right site without any catches.


Today, there are more sites with adult performers with precise offers. But they are drowning in tons of shitty scams. That’s why I spend my time asking my colleagues and collecting the real good sites.


Yes, my strong suit is my shyness. But I’m in the industry, and you are not. That’s why my opinion is more reliable than yours. So if you are interested in finding the proper place without scams but full of lust, please read some of my texts. To rate these sites, I do extensive homework, which can be considered borderline scientific research.


This is to save nerves for young performers and save money for guys who are tired of regular porn.